[pypy-dev] pypy-sync thursday 5:30 GMT+2

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Tue Apr 18 10:37:31 CEST 2006

Hi there, 

the next pypy-sync meeting of active developers is  

    THURSDAY, 20th April, 5:30 PM GMT+2 (30-45 minutes) 
    at #pypy-sync on freenode 
with the following topics (plus the ones that get mailed ahead
of the meeting ): 

- activity reports + blockers 

- summer of X, how do we go about it? 
  there are three possibilities: 

  - aim for Summer of PyPy through the EU (becomes unlikely)
  - aim for becoming an "Summer of Code" organisation 
  - provide mentors and participate at Googles Summer-of-Code  
    through the PSF and try to get a bit of external 
    funding for having participants attend sprints? 

  decision time :) 

- what needs to be done until Iceland (21st May) for 0.9? 
  Samuele and Holger went through the issue tracker 
  and identified 0.9 release issues in Leysin.  But we are 
  missing assignments ... could everyone have a look and take
  responsibility for resolving particular issues?  


  (and hit "Show 0.9").  Of course it is great if you assign 
  yourself already before the sync meeting so we can see what is

- tackling and assigning the major 0.9 tasks to be worked
  on until Iceland: 

  - integrating/refining the new stackless CFG transformations
    instead of the genc-support 
  - adding missing support (if any) for app level stackless module
    (e.g. yield_current_frame_to_caller ?) 
  - implementing tasklet pickling 
  - advancing rctypes to support interfacing with CPython runtime 
    through a CPyObjSpace 
  - tackling the actual extension module compiler tool 
    (including testing improvements and writing a tutorial) 
  - overhauling and updating translation documentation
    (also in preparation for EU reports pending in June) 



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