[pypy-dev] Re: [pypy-sprint] Upcoming Iceland sprint: 21-28 May

Lawrence Oluyede l.oluyede at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 19:59:48 CEST 2006

On 4/18/06, Armin Rigo <arigo at tunes.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> We're pleased to announce the next PyPy sprint in Iceland from 21st
> (arrival) to 28th (depature) of May 2006.  This sprint is kindly hosted
> and sponsored by EWT and CCPgames and thus we should be able to arrange
> funding for travels and accomodation for interested people.  There are
> also non-PyPy activities going on -- see the full `EWT announcement`_
> and people such as Tim Peters and other python-dev core developers plan
> to attend.  If you'd like to help and join PyPy hacking around some
> geysers (actually we are meeting in Reykjavik, but well :), please mail
> us, preferrably on the `pypy-sprint mailing list`_.  Please state your
> interest *until end this week* (friday 21st) to help the organizers
> plan for the sprint.
> The sprint goals for PyPy are, as usual, kept open to the interest of
> the participants, especially more so that there will be many non-PyPy
> people at the sprint to talk to.  However, it is also likely that we
> will have to keep some focus on the goals of the upcoming June 0.9
> release:
> * The extension module compiler.  The goal is to be able to use a single
>   RPython source code as an extension module for both PyPy and CPython.
>   The means to get there is -- most likely -- by compiling ctypes-based
>   modules into either pypy-c or a CPython dll/so.
> * Write some more modules in this style with ctypes.  Sockets come to
>   mind :-)
> * Stackless: the big missing feature is pickling running tasklets.
>   There is also some smaller work that needs to be done, like exposing
>   all the existing RPython-level interfaces to app-level
>   (e.g. greenlets).
> * Write more documentation.
> * Misc topics, depending on interests: back-ends (CLI, Squeak), testing
>   framework, modified semantics (security/sandboxing...), etc.

Like Antonio I'd really like taking part of this sprint. Unlike him
I've never contributed to pypy project. I'm a CS student here in

I'd like to bring further the development of extension modules of PyPy
(if my friend Valentino doesn't complete the task in Japan :) ) and I
find the Antonio's work very interesting.

Unfortunately I can't afford the trip so there are any chances about
being funded?

ciao :)


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