[pypy-dev] Re: Summer of code

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 22:55:05 CEST 2006

Hi Terry,

Terry Reedy wrote:
> I thought it was your thesis project, which you would need to finish.  In 
> any case, assuming you do not already have a summer stipend for the same 
> work, I would encourage you to apply -- after reading the FAQ  carefully.

It is my thesis project, but I don't need to finish: my supervising 
professor is happy for my work and told me to code as much as I can, but 
fortunately I have no mandatory goal to reach.
This doesn't mean that I'll abandon gencli as soon as I graduate: I'd 
like to finish my work at best, and if I can get payed is much better! :-)

> In a couple of sentences, describe PyPy in relation to Python and link to 
> site.  Describe your CLI (what is that?) backend project and how it fits 
> into PyPy and why it is a useful thing (to other people) to do.  List what 
> you have done (and when you began) up to application date.  Then list your 
> next several steps.  Indicate what you anticipate doing before the project 
> starts and what you anticipate doing during the project.  (I think the FAQ 
> addresses the question of starting 'early' -- after approval but before the 
> official start date -- but forget the answer.  I recommend you find it.) 
> If you think needed, add a caveat about minor adjustments of schedule.
> Mention where code is being deposited and if publicly accessible.  If your 
> CLI backend is already approved in principle (when sufficiently well done) 
> as one of the PyPy backends, say that too.  And make sure your proposed 
> mentor(s) have contacted Neal to get URL to signup with Google.

Thanks for the suggestions, they will be useful. I read the student FAQ 
but I missed the one of starting early: it seems that it's fine, so 
there should be no problem for this.

ciao Anto

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