[pypy-dev] small patch for translator/c/src/ll_osdefs.h for win32

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Tue Aug 1 09:44:26 CEST 2006

Hi Scott!

Scott Dial wrote:
> Scott Dial wrote:
>> I'm not sure what time is the best for it to run daily. I've currently
>> set it run daily at midnight GMT.
> For the record, I have a need for this to happen much later. I have
> moved it to 9am GMT which I realize may be afternoon for some people in
> Europe, but I can't help the Earth's rotation determining my schedule.

Just for the record, I think we all appreciate very much that you are
running the tests and it does not matter too much _when_ you run them
:-). Thank you!


Carl Friedrich

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