[pypy-dev] Phase 2 report available!

Beatrice During bea at changemaker.nu
Thu Aug 3 15:28:06 CEST 2006

Hi there

Our report on phase 2 of the project is now finished and is available on:


This report covers work achieved during the period September 2005-May 
2006 (and a bit of June - the 0.9 release ;-). Although this report is 
written as part of the EU project we hope that many of you out there 
will enjoy reading it. Looking back to all those long months of 
check-ins and what we all actually accomplished it is not difficult to 
realise that it is the community around PyPy that makes this project 
tick - so thanks everyone out there!

A special thank you to Holger for major part of the technical writing,
Carl Friedrich for the funky metrics (and forever stuck in the swamp of 
ReST/pdf:s) and to Michael - always stuck in the dark hole of language 



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