[pypy-dev] Sprint reports 2003-2006

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Wed Aug 23 18:15:28 CEST 2006

Great work!

I think we should try to reconstruct at least stub reports for the remaining 
sprints. Here are some notes on what happened at the ones I attended. This is 
in no way complete (and fairly Jacob focused, since I remember what I did, 
but have a hazy understanding of what others did):

Gothenburg (May 2003)
The major focus of the sprint was to make the interpreter chain complete. A 
first goal was to make "Hello world" run and this was accomplished about half 
way into the sprint. We then proceded to making a more complex program that 
had operations involving string operations and dictionaries work. This was 
accomplished before the end of the sprint.


There was a big discussion, mostly involving Armin and Samuele over how to 
handle operator dispatching. This ended in the Multimethod dispatcher that 
mostly still survives in the Standard Object Space.


People I remember being there: Armin, Christian, Samuele, Michael, Alex 
Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, Laura, Tomek Meka

Europython/Gothenburg (June 2004)
The sprint happened before the conference, and I'm rather hazy on what 
actually happened since I spent almost all my time on conference 
preparations. I'm rather certain Christian, Holger, Armin and Anders Lehman 
were there. Maybe they can fill in details. (To jog your memories, you were 
sitting in a room with green doors, skylights and no windows in the 
IT-support department).

Vilnius (Nov 2004)
I don't really remember what others did at this sprint, but this is where 
Laura and I wrote the file I/O handling.

People I remember being there: Marius Gedminas, Bob Ippolito, Christian, 

Leysin (April 2006)
Armin, Arre and Samuele started with 2 days working on the JIT. When others 
joined the sprint focus changed and there was a bunch of work on fixing 
translation to work with stackless features and other stuff. There was also 
some work done on the constraints package.

People I remember being there:
Armin, Arre, Samuele, Holger, Michael, Alexandre, Aurelien

Europython/Gothenburg (June 2005)
Apart from the presprint, which is already reoprted, there was an open 
post.-Europython sprint. At the open sprint there were 24 people on the first 
day and activities happened on may fronts. A large group of people focused on 
porting PyPy to support Python2.4. This work was 3/4 finished by the end of 
the sprint. Christian and Jacob worked on support for floats and Jacob did a 
bunch of work on binascii and related modules. I think there was also a bunch 
of work going into annotation, translation and the C and llvm backends. Nick 
worked on his sre Summer of Code project. There was also work being done on 
the AST compiler.

People I remember being there: All the regulars plus Anders Qvist and Marius 
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