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Beatrice During bea at changemaker.nu
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Hi there

Thanks Jacob and Marius for your feedback. I am working on updating the 
sprint report page with this feedback. If anyone has comments and want 
me to add stuff/clear out missing pieces - please email me and I will 



Jacob Hallén skrev:
> Great work!
> I think we should try to reconstruct at least stub reports for the remaining 
> sprints. Here are some notes on what happened at the ones I attended. This is 
> in no way complete (and fairly Jacob focused, since I remember what I did, 
> but have a hazy understanding of what others did):
> Gothenburg (May 2003)
> ===================
> The major focus of the sprint was to make the interpreter chain complete. A 
> first goal was to make "Hello world" run and this was accomplished about half 
> way into the sprint. We then proceded to making a more complex program that 
> had operations involving string operations and dictionaries work. This was 
> accomplished before the end of the sprint.
> http://www.strakt.com/~jacob/pypy/img_0062.jpg
> There was a big discussion, mostly involving Armin and Samuele over how to 
> handle operator dispatching. This ended in the Multimethod dispatcher that 
> mostly still survives in the Standard Object Space.
> http://www.strakt.com/~jacob/pypy/img_0064.jpg
> http://www.strakt.com/~jacob/pypy/img_0065.jpg
> http://www.strakt.com/~jacob/pypy/img_0066.jpg
> People I remember being there: Armin, Christian, Samuele, Michael, Alex 
> Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, Laura, Tomek Meka
> Europython/Gothenburg (June 2004)
> =============================
> The sprint happened before the conference, and I'm rather hazy on what 
> actually happened since I spent almost all my time on conference 
> preparations. I'm rather certain Christian, Holger, Armin and Anders Lehman 
> were there. Maybe they can fill in details. (To jog your memories, you were 
> sitting in a room with green doors, skylights and no windows in the 
> IT-support department).
> Vilnius (Nov 2004)
> ===============
> I don't really remember what others did at this sprint, but this is where 
> Laura and I wrote the file I/O handling.
> People I remember being there: Marius Gedminas, Bob Ippolito, Christian, 
> Armin.
> Leysin (April 2006)
> ===============
> Armin, Arre and Samuele started with 2 days working on the JIT. When others 
> joined the sprint focus changed and there was a bunch of work on fixing 
> translation to work with stackless features and other stuff. There was also 
> some work done on the constraints package.
> People I remember being there:
> Armin, Arre, Samuele, Holger, Michael, Alexandre, Aurelien
> Europython/Gothenburg (June 2005)
> =============================
> Apart from the presprint, which is already reoprted, there was an open 
> post.-Europython sprint. At the open sprint there were 24 people on the first 
> day and activities happened on may fronts. A large group of people focused on 
> porting PyPy to support Python2.4. This work was 3/4 finished by the end of 
> the sprint. Christian and Jacob worked on support for floats and Jacob did a 
> bunch of work on binascii and related modules. I think there was also a bunch 
> of work going into annotation, translation and the C and llvm backends. Nick 
> worked on his sre Summer of Code project. There was also work being done on 
> the AST compiler.
> People I remember being there: All the regulars plus Anders Qvist and Marius 
> Gedminas.
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