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Leonardo Santagada santagada at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 17:39:01 CET 2006

Em 30/12/2006, às 13:05, Armin Rigo escreveu:

> Hi all,
> The automated tests are running on wyvern nightly:
>     http://wyvern.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de/pypytest/summary.html
> As the tests are parallelized it takes on the order of two hours to  
> run
> them all, so we could consider running them more than once per day.
> Something else I'd like to consider is a tool that checks new failures
> shown by these test runs, finding the exact revision that seemed to
> broke it, and actively signals the problem somewhere - maybe as a  
> notice
> by elbowtone on #pypy and as an e-mail to e.g. the author of the
> revision?  What do you think about it?
Does buildbot do something like this or you will have to implement  
all yourself?

> Longer term, we could also have a way to ask for a complete test  
> run on
> wyvern, so that we can check within two hours if we broke something
> after a delicate check-in, or just after we fixed a couple of  
> problems.
> If we manage 0-failure runs at least every few days we could then have
> an URL to which we copy the trunk whenever all tests pass, so that
> "outside" people have the option to follow with 'svn up' an URL  
> that is
> at least fully tested instead of the bleeding edge trunk.
We could just have a moving tag named "latest_tested" and people  
could be following it (or a branch, I really don't know that much  
about svn)

> A bientot,
> Armin
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