[pypy-dev] web site improvements

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Thu Feb 16 14:07:50 CET 2006

Hi Nicolas!

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> I am willing to spend some hours improving the website.


> I understood
> that commiting changes to pypy/doc could be enough,

Yes, indeed. If you run py.test in the doc directory, you can generate 
the whole website locally (and get failures if there are ReST bugs).


for some more info.

> but where is the
> top menu defined ?

in doc/confrest.py

> Changes I would like to make:
> - visible "events" info with sprints and conferences.

well, we have the pypy calendar, but I agree that it is not very 
visible. The news page usually announces current conferences but indeed 
having a separate page that completely lists all sprints/conferences 
maybe makes sense.

> - smaller font by default (css change would do)

I agree that PyPy has a particularly large font which I happen to like, 
but that is maybe not a very common taste.

> - visible link to SVN

yes. the svn repositories location is kind of hidden in getting-started.

> - shorter "getting started" getting to more info

I am not sure how shortening the getting-started document would improve 
matters. getting-started is the result of _a lot of_ effort and I think 
it is quite good (we also got positive feedback about it). It gives good 
entry points to playing with PyPy and the sections can be read 
independently (so "too long" is not an argument).

> - simpler and more visible "here is what pypy is" section or page

maybe adding it near the top of the architecture document would make sense?

> - probably others that would come to mind...



Carl Friedrich

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