[pypy-dev] Re: [pypy-svn] r22640 - pypy/dist/pypy/lib/logic

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Wed Jan 25 18:34:53 CET 2006

Hi Ben,

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 01:41:03PM +0000, Ben.Young at risk.sungard.com wrote:
> Did you mean to put something GPL'd into PyPy? I thought PyPy has a 
> licence equivalent to Python?

Oups!  I think this might be a problem.  For sure, we agreed to work on
MIT License terms during this PyPy project.  I suppose this is just
Logilab's existing logic library, which may or may not be used verbatim
in Logilab's future contributions to PyPy; in any case, I would
recommend that the GPL code be moved to a separate directory on
codespeak with an explicit LICENSE.TXT, to avoid any confusion.

A bientot,


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