[pypy-dev] Summer of PyPy: call for proposals

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Fri Jul 21 13:20:39 CEST 2006

Hi to all students! 

Happily, we are able to offer students mentoring and full sprint
participant's funding if we receive a proposal outlining an
interesting project related to PyPy and its development tools.  This
follows up on the "Summer of Code" campaign from Google but is
completely independent from it and also works differently (i.e. there
is no success bounty).

See the full call for details: 


and here is a list of concrete inspirations for possible work: 


There are certainly many more possibilities now that PyPy starts to
get faster, Stackless and custom GCs are integrated, PyPy.NET, Logic
Variables, lazy evaluation and other new features are emerging.  Note
though that PyPy still is pursuing challenging research goals so it
will take some time before it becomes viable in production

Don't hesitate to drop by on #pypy on freenode or post questions/ideas
to pypy-dev at codespeak net.

A last note: you can propose something at any time, you don't need to
wait for a specific deadline. In fact, our next sprint is nearing in
Ireland, 21st-27th August and if you are quick you may already be
there with us :)

For the PyPy team, 

    Armin Rigo, Holger Krekel, Michael Hudson, Carl Friedrich Bolz, ... 

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