[pypy-dev] JS backend updates

Maciek Fijalkowski fijal at genesilico.pl
Mon Jul 24 12:35:05 CEST 2006

There were some updates recently about JS backend.


- Added some decorator which might be usefull at declaring server-side 
of AJAX communication
- Polished a little bit backend so now it is able to run richards and 
pystone as soon as you cut off zeroing assumption out of ll_alloc_and_set
- Added some documentation
- Bugfixes and some helper functions (ie StringBuilder) so now 
"aaa".upper() works as expected

Coming work:

- Hiding browser differencies
- more examples & docs
- Maybe some stackless stuff?
- Very hard and usefull point: to get out Python-level traceback out of 
exception handlers.
- Some JS optimisations (assuming that JS compilers themselves cannot 
optimise much if anything at all)
- BnB more playable.

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