[pypy-dev] 0.9 release meeting 11AM (GMT+2)

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Jun 15 16:36:20 CEST 2006

hpk at trillke.net (holger krekel) writes:

> Hi folks, 
> today at 11AM (GMT+2) we'll meet on #pypy-release 
> for a meeting regarding the upcoming 0.9 release

Here's an attempt at a summary of the current status and current plans
for work before the release.

Our original plan called for a release branch to be made tomorrow
night.  This now seems rather too early, and we're aiming for makint
branch on Monday evening instead.  The release is still planned for

If anyone between now and the 0.9 release commits code that breaks
translation, it gets reverted.  Please don't :)

> * extension compiler 

The status is that it works, apart from four things:

* it doesn't support modules that have an app-level component properly
* you can't define "special methods" (__add__, etc) on exported types
* you can't test the mixed module on top of cpython
* documenation.

We decided that the second of these is not that important at this
stage, but the others need work.  Armin is going to work on it today,
at least.

Armin is going to take overall responsibility for this item.

> * stackless features 

The main problem with this item is that the status is that we don't
know what the status is :( We need a way of running tests with a
pypy-c and more tests to run.

There are three subtopics:

* tasklet cloning
* tasklet pickling
* exposing features to applications.

A while ago I promised to play with exposed tasklet cloning to app
level; various stupid mistakes on my part, a lot of distractions and
the fact that stacklessgc builds take ages mean I'm not done yet, but
I'm getting there.

We still think tasklet pickling is working, but given the lack of
tests, it's hard to be sure (see above).

The exposing of app level features to applications is roughly speaking
done, but needs more tests (see above).

Hogler had hoped to work on running tests with pypy-c but may not be
able to.  Michael and him will discuss approaches and one of them will
implement something by tomorrow, allowing Eric, Stephan, me, Carl and
possibly some others to write tests over the weekend or next week.

Michael and Samuele will coordinate this issue.

> * (high level backends / snapshot of work)

We'd like to have some kind of preview and documentation of a high
level backend in the 0.9 release, which basically means the CLI
backend.  Unfornuately "Mr. CLI Backend, Antonio, has exams this and
next week and so he doesn't have much time to work on this.
Nevertheless, him and Armin will confer and decide on a practical
approach -- some integration of the CLI backend into
translatorshell.py and driver.py and a section in getting-started seem
like a resonable target.

Armin will coordinate this issue.

> * logic/constraint works

It would be nice to have a translatable logic object space in 0.9, but
this is a lot of work and isn't going to happen in time.  It more or
less works on top of py.py though, so we'll settle for making it work
properly on py.py (Carl) and writing some documentation (Anders).

The documentation was promised by Tuesday night.

Anders and Carl will coordinate this issue.

> * feature freeze (branching off?) 

As discussed above, aiming for Monday night.

> * documentation about all this 

A certain amount of discussion about documentation took place while
talking about the above items, and in general the person responsible
for coordinating an item is responsible for the docs for that item
too.  In addition, I promised to review translation.txt (which is now
rather out of date) and Arre, with Armin's help, promised to document

There was an additional item:

* general stability

that got mentioned at the end of the meeting.  We've now fixed _most_
of the problems that running CPython's test suite with pypy-c
revealed, but there are issues around the area of very large
(i.e. close to LONG_MAX) allocations.  It's not clear what we can get
done about this before 0.9, but hopefully we can clear most of them


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