[pypy-dev] Random updates

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Sun Jun 18 23:44:49 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I did a bit of detective work this evening, and found the following.

The reason Eric's cron job is no longer showing results for stackless
builds is that we broke old-stackless builds of PyPy by adding resume
point operations (for unpickling tasklets).  They end up as
OP_RESUME_STATE_CREATE() macro calls in genc!  Argh.  Either with fix by
somehow detecting in the _stackless module if we are being compiled with
old- or new-stackless.  Or we don't care any more about the
old-stackless and declare it dead for the purpose of compiling PyPy.

I also found out that the test summary page at
http://snake.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de/pypytest/summary.html was doing a
great job at hiding the fact that the tests no longer ran to the end,
and that, for more than two weeks now.  Either test_ee in pyllvm was
getting a SIGIOT signal (people who ever heard about this signal, raise
your hand), or test_wrapping was segfaulting (unreproductably - fun).
I still have no clue why test_wrapping occasionally segfaults.

In any case I fixed the output by considering abnormal termination as a
failure.  It shows up now at the beginning of the failures.  I also
modified the misleading '.', which previously only meant 'this test did
not fail in that revision' -- e.g. because they were not run at all :-/
Now, a '.' really means 'known to have passed in that revision'.
Otherwise you can get an 's', or a ' ' if the test wasn't run at all.
Note that before the 12th of June, the necessary information was not
collected by the run, so all non-failures there show up as ' ' even if
the test was actually run.

A bientot,


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