[pypy-dev] Ideas for Student Proposal.

Fabrizio Milo mistobaan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 18:28:48 CEST 2006

Hello to everybody,

I am an Italian student who will participate in the euro-pypy-sprint.
Looking for a good idea for a proposal, I saw
https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/ and many issues are interesting.

- https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue87
- https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue111

( or/ and )
- https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue205
- https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue224

The common subject here is "Improving test machinery".

What do you think, can issue87 + issue111 be a good base for a proposal?
Is it required to produce some proof-of-concept?
Are there other ideas in the community not listed in that page?

I am a good programmer ( I am a the end of a Computer Science Master
course in Rome )
so don't let me escape from helping this wonderful project :)

Fabrizio Milo

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