[pypy-dev] Re: Looking for a thesis

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 10:26:14 CET 2006

Beatrice During wrote:
> Hi there
> You are very welcome to the team Antonio, and thanks for choosing pypy ;-)
> Regarding Michaels last question about time - I think he was referring 
> to how much time you will have to finish your thesis. Although it was 
> good to get to know a bit about your background.

Oops... I've said that I'm not so good with english :-).
The thesis should take 3-4 months, thought I hope to continue with the 
project after I've completed it, too.

> Hope to see you at one of our upcoming sprints - maybe Europython in 
> CERN/Switzerland in end of June?

Yes, it may be: it's very near to me (I live in Genoa) and I would be 
happy to participate.

ciao Anto

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