[pypy-dev] Re: Looking for a thesis

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Sat Mar 11 18:49:27 CET 2006

Antonio Cuni <anto.cuni at gmail.com> writes:

> To give examples of what I'd like to do, I would have liked to
> implement a javascript backend, but if I'm right there is already an
> implementation, isn't it? 

It's there, but I don't know really what state it is in.  I seem to
remember talk of it 'cheating' in some sense, but I forget what sense
that was :)

> Or, to remain in the "already working" things, I would have enjoyed
> to works on the type annotator.
>> Off the top of my head I can think of: tuning GC parameters, working
>> on alternate representations of app level types (e.g. using the bottom
>> bit of a 'pointer' to mark a integer), exploring threading models,
>> doing stuff with the greenlets/tasklets/coroutines interface, working
>> on interfacing to external functions, ...
> the last two points sounds interesting, 

One of the things I think the javascript back end is lacking and could
do with is an interface to the browser's DOM manipulation routines (if
you want to write your AJAX app in Python), which would combine two of
the things you've mentioned.

> especially the one about greenlets/takslets/coroutines.

This is something else, of course :) But it would be cool too.

> As soon as I have finished to check out pypy-dist from svn I will go
> to take a look of what is already implemented.

A very good idea.

>> And as Christian says, how long do you have?
> I began programming in 1994, when I was 12; in 2001 I discovered
> Python and since then I have used it for almost every task which I
> could choose the language for.

As Bea pointed out this wasn't what I was asking, but it's good to
hear to :)

Hope to see you at CERN!


  Ya, ya, ya, except ... if I were built out of KSR chips, I'd
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  EVERYTHING almost ALL THE TIME just due to being a computer!
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