[pypy-dev] #pypy-sync tomorrow -- new US friendlier time!

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Mar 15 19:35:44 CET 2006

what: weekly pypy-sync meeting
where: #pypy-sync on freenode
when: 5pm Central European Time  <--- THIS IS NEW
who: all active PyPy developers

 - activity reports (LAST WEEK/NEXT WEEK/BLOCKERS)
 - resolve blockers, if any
 - leysin sprint details
 - this "week" in pypy
 - anything else?  email first, if possible


  I never realized it before, but having looked that over I'm certain
  I'd rather have my eyes burned out by zombies with flaming dung
  sticks than work on a conscientious Unicode regex engine.
                                             -- Tim Peters, 3 Dec 1998

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