[pypy-dev] pypy-sync developer meeting 16th March 2006

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Mar 16 18:02:23 CET 2006

Attendees:  Samuele
            Anders C.
            Anders L. (arrived late)
            Carl Friedrich
            Michael (minutes)


 - activity reports (LAST WEEK/NEXT WEEK/BLOCKERS)

   See `the log`_ below.

 - leysin sprint details

   See the mail to pypy-dev, etc.  As this is an internal only sprint
   somewhere we've been before, organization is not expected to be a
   major chore.

 - this "week" in pypy

   We would like to resurrect the 'this week in pypy newsletter', but
   probably with a reduced, and maybe less regular, frequency.  We
   have one almost ready to go, but it depends on Armin writing a JIT
   section and finishing up the PyCon sprint report.

.. _`the log`:

Complete Log

Complete IRC log::

  [16:09] mwh: hello
  [16:09] arigo: :-)
  [16:09] nikh: hola
  [16:09] ericvrp: :) summertime in england?
  [16:09] mwh: am i still supposed to be running the meeting
  [16:09] cfbolz: yes
  [16:09] mwh: ericvrp: no, i'm just at my parents' house, different distractions than normal ...
  [16:10] mwh: right, activity reports please
  [16:10] cfbolz: LAST: logic sprint, GC work
  [16:10] cfbolz: NEXT: more GC work
  [16:10] cfbolz: BLOCKERS: personal issues
  [16:10] arigo: LAST: not much (setting up new laptop)
  [16:10] arigo: NEXT: JIT: virtual structures, more general thinking...
  [16:10] arigo: BLOCKERS: whiteness of the landscape
  [16:10] arre: PREV: Bug hunting, improve performance of attribute access, some JIT work.
  [16:10] arre: NEXT: More JIT.
  [16:10] arre: BLOCKERS: -
  [16:10] ericvrp: LAST: pyllvm setup script
  [16:10] ericvrp: NEXT: pyllvm setup using llvm build tools
  [16:10] ericvrp: BLOCKERS: None
  [16:10] nikh: LAST: pushing gensqueak ahead
  [16:10] nikh: NEXT: more pushing and pulling
  [16:10] nikh: BLOCKERS: none
  [16:10] auc: last : big cleanup
  [16:10] auc: next : figure out how to implement 'choice' with spaces
  [16:10] auc: blockers : nil
  [16:10] pedronis: LAST: sprint, bug hunting, some opt and jit work, helping others
  [16:10] pedronis: NEXT: more jit, more helping
  [16:10] pedronis: BLOCKERS: a bit hard to focus
  [16:11] mwh: LAST: GC debugging
  [16:11] mwh: NEXT: more of same
  [16:11] mwh: BLOCKERS: personal issues too
  [16:11] mwh: i think arigo has the best blockers
  [16:11] mwh: pedronis: does strakt have minders who can drag him back to gtbg?
  [16:12] cfbolz: let's produce some global warming, that will fix the problem
  [16:12] pedronis: I think Strakt has at least one person that would like to join him
  [16:12] arre: We do have snow, just not much of it :(
  [16:12] mwh: pedronis: is your 'a bit hard to focus' because all and sundry keep bugging you for help?
  [16:13] pedronis: yes, there's a lot of stuff going on on all front
  [16:13] mwh: i don't suppose there's much that can be done about that
  [16:13] cfbolz: well, we can try to bug him less
  [16:13] pedronis: no, just pointing it out as a fact
  [16:14] mwh: having armin around more might shift some of the load off
  [16:14] mwh: fair enough
  [16:14] mwh: what else was on the agenda?
  [16:14] mwh: leysin seems to be happening
  [16:14] mwh: given that it's internal and we've been there before it shouldn't be the biggest of deals
  [16:15] arigo: yes, I can confidently say "feel free to bug me about it" and not expect too much to happen
  [16:16] nikh: what's the deadline for registering for leysin? i will be there 2 - 3 days, but don't know which yet
  [16:16] mwh: i guess the only potential issue is accomodation
  [16:16] mwh: do we have a block booking or something/
  [16:16] mwh: ?
  [16:16] arigo: yes, there is a common booking
  [16:16] arigo: there is no fixed deadline
  [16:16] mwh: cool
  [16:17] nikh: good. i will try to fix dates beginning next week
  [16:17] arigo: I will send to the housekeeper, Arianne, the people's information as they come along
  [16:17] mwh: the other topic is 'this "week" in pypy'
  [16:17] mwh: we'd like to resurrect it, but probably not actually weekly
  [16:18] arre: arigo: What information do you need from us?
  [16:19] arigo: dates, and possibly if you'd agree to share with more than two for a couple of days (week-end days) in case of booking pressure
  [16:19] arigo: mwh: monthly, or fromtimetotimely ?
  [16:19] cfbolz: the latter probably
  [16:19] mwh: arigo: fortnightly, maybe ?
  [16:20] mwh: but perhaps not fixed
  [16:20] mwh: arigo: fwiw, i have no problem with sharing with whoever
  [16:21] cfbolz: anyway the point for having this "this week..." topic is to ask people to write about stuff
  [16:21] arigo: there is also an extra bed at the place where I am staying, which I'd like to reserve for a non-funded person
  [16:21] nikh: given that sprints are coming up pretty regularly, maybe the sprint reports could be combined with a report about what happened in the weeks before a sprint
  [16:21] cfbolz: armin told me he would write a bit about the jit
  [16:22] arigo: yes, I should do that as a way to come back to the topic
  [16:22] arigo: until tomorrow
  [16:22] cfbolz: nikh: well, I would like to keep the sprint report separate
  [16:23] nikh: sure
  [16:23] cfbolz: ah, I see what you mean
  [16:24] nikh: it would imply a certain fixed schedule for the "this week in ..." reports
  [16:24] cfbolz: yes
  [16:24] cfbolz: but on the other hand, "this week" could complement the sprint reports
  [16:24] cfbolz: and it should be a bit more common than sprints
  [16:24] aleale joined the chat room.
  [16:26] mwh: aleale: i guess you know you're late, but do you have an activity report?
  [16:27] aleale: yes, sorry about that - you are not finished yet
  [16:27] mwh: not quite :)
  [16:27] mwh: it started late because i forgot too ...
  [16:27] aleale: PREV: recovering from back to back sprinting
  [16:27] aleale: NEXT: continue refactoring of pyontology
  [16:27] aleale: blockers: -
  [16:29] mwh: but it's now nearly half past, any other topics?
  [16:29] mwh: otherwise: expect to be bugged about this week in pypy
  [16:29] mwh: and see you next week!

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