[pypy-dev] CLI code generation

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Mon Mar 20 16:05:52 CET 2006


holger krekel wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 15:15 +0100, Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:
>>Will the .NET backend use the ootypesystem (which is what gensqueak 
>>uses) or the lltypesystem (which is what genllvm, genc and genjavascript 
>>uses)? I guess for C# the former would make more sense, but I have no 
>>clue how low-level IL is (I don't really have any clue about .NET at all 
> at first i also thought that ootypesystem might make sense - but then 
> i considered that the Intermediate Language is statically typed 
> and so far i guess it's more similar to our LLVM backend
> then to a Squeak backend.  But i am not aware of all the involved 
> details so i might guess wrong. 

As I said, I know next to nothing about the IL. But the distinction 
between ootypesystem and lltypesystem is not the dynamicity - both 
typesystems assume a statically typed, quite static language. It's more 
about the basic building blocks for data that the backend supports. For 
the lltypesystem this is Arrays, Structures and Pointers and for the 
ootypesystem is is Classes, Instances and Methods. Therefore the 
ootypesystem would definitively be more appropriate for C#, and I 
imagine the same is true for IL.

> And i agree with Carl that considering to simply work within our
> common pypy/translator directory is sensible and improves feedback
> possibilities. 
> cheers, 
>     hlger

you wouldn't think that your name has that many possible varieties, 
would you? :-)


Carl Friedrich

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