[pypy-dev] Re: suggestion of next pypy-sync meeting topics

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Mar 21 10:44:46 CET 2006

hpk at trillke.net (holger krekel) writes:

> Hi all, 
> here are suggestions for the next pypy-sync topics. 
> Please correct/comment if i missed information (i was
> busy and around in the US the last weeks). 
> - status of Tokyo Sprint planning and content 
>   announcement?  details? 
> - planning the next releases and their content 
>   (at least start the discussion) 

The plan is for 0.9 in May sometime right?
> - everyone: stating blockers and your perceiption of 
>   main problems/challenges with current development 

It hurts my head? :)

> - publishing (some of) our Translation papers at
>   a non-python conference: where/when what is possible
>   for this year? who goes for it? 

Well, as always it sounds like a good idea...

> Maybe it makes sense to go for such a collection and 
> pre-dicussion of issues before each pypy-sync meeting? 

Well, the above is certainly more than 30 minutes worth of discussion
starting from zero.

> Who is going to moderate it btw? 


> I am somewhat reluctant (because of over-busy-ness) to do it this or
> the next week but could do it afterwards i think.

Good, because I am on holiday next week :)

> feedback welcome - i don't mind discussion here but
> i think we should nevertheless go for conclusions 
> at the pypy-sync meeting because it's hard to reach
> consensus via email :) 



  Guido (like us!) is a bit schizophrenic here: he wants to be a
  benevolent dictator, but also wants to treat people like
  grownups. This probably worked better before Python got a large
  American audience <0.9 wink>.             -- Tim Peters, 10 Feb 2000

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