[pypy-dev] Re: CLI code generation

Niklaus Haldimann nhaldimann at gmx.ch
Tue Mar 21 11:35:44 CET 2006

Hi Ben

Ben.Young at risk.sungard.com wrote:
> Does the ootypesystem has high level representations of lists and dicts 
> yet? Would that perhaps be a good thing for me to try to implement as a 
> way of helping out?

No, it doesn't have them, yet. But the general idea is to delegate
completely to the host language here, ie represent RPython lists and
dicts with corresponding collections from the host language. There will
be nothing like the rdict and rlist implementations that the
lltypesystem uses.

I'm not too sure how specifically this delegation should be done (maybe
Samuele can say something about it), this is one of the last open issues
for the ootypesystem. But I'm planning to look into this a bit before
the end of the week and make e.g. at least tuples work for ootypes and
the Squeak backend. As I will have much less time for PyPy after this
week, maybe you can then take over and look into dicts and lists for
ootype? I'm not sure how realistic it is to expect you to start from
scratch here without any groundwork already done for ootype collections.


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