[pypy-dev] Re: suggestion of next pypy-sync meeting topics

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Tue Mar 21 11:47:17 CET 2006

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 09:44 +0000, Michael Hudson wrote:
> hpk at trillke.net (holger krekel) writes:
> > here are suggestions for the next pypy-sync topics. 
> > Please correct/comment if i missed information (i was
> > busy and around in the US the last weeks). 
> >
> > - status of Tokyo Sprint planning and content 
> >   announcement?  details? 
> >
> > - planning the next releases and their content 
> >   (at least start the discussion) 
> The plan is for 0.9 in May sometime right?

Yes, that was mentioned sometime and i think it's a good
idea.  I guess it should contain many things stackless
(WP07 in EU mumble jumble), shouldn't it?   

> > - everyone: stating blockers and your perceiption of 
> >   main problems/challenges with current development 
> It hurts my head? :)

ah, so no news on that front.  But more concretely i'd like
to know in some detail what the status and plans are on: 

- GC integration 
- stackless/co-routines/tasklets (including pickling) 
- JIT efforts 
- Logic programming efforts (Workpackage 9 status) 
- rctypes and RPython compiler tool 

and get an idea of who intends to work on what next
with what goal. 

> > - publishing (some of) our Translation papers at
> >   a non-python conference: where/when what is possible
> >   for this year? who goes for it? 
> Well, as always it sounds like a good idea...

We really have material that is almost there - i just
think we lack the focus to actually go for one of these
conferences in due time. Of course they still require work 
but compared to - say - December 2005 it's not a huge effort
anymore, i'd say. 

> > Maybe it makes sense to go for such a collection and 
> > pre-dicussion of issues before each pypy-sync meeting? 
> Well, the above is certainly more than 30 minutes worth of discussion
> starting from zero.

I suggest to go for determining the status and maybe conclude on
steps anyway. 

> > Who is going to moderate it btw? 
> Me.

great :) 


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