[pypy-dev] Hey friends, I'm SOOOO HAPPPYYY

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Sun Mar 26 23:58:35 CEST 2006

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Dear friends,

this is just a greeting and short notice to a few of my
friends. I am just so happy and relaxed and resolved,
so I have to tell you.


PyPy is now able to compile efficient extension modules!


I'm going to write a larger article about this.


This is a spin-off of the PyPy project.
See http://www.codespeak.net/pypy

All credentials must go to the group. I only found a way
to make it accessible and usable in a pre-mature state.
I'm just a member of this team, and I (ab)used the results
of the project, to create something what every serious
Python extension writer will love.

What is it good for?

You can write algorithms in an almost Pythonic language
instead of using C. Your code will be translated into
a C Python extension module of very high efficiency.


You will want to stop coding any C extensions by hand
at all. Instead, you will produce series of extensions
automagically and rank them by their performance,
and then choose what fits your needs the best.


The module is not really available right now at all.
The proof-of-concept implementation does exist as a
test case, see

I'm going to do some refinements and optimizations quickly,
and there will be a command-line tool that will produce
extensions from a simple init script. I want to name this
tool "raymond", after my good friend Raymond Hettinger
if he doesn't mind.


I'd like to mention that this work was done on behalf of
and inspired by EWT LLC, the company I'm currently
consulting for. They are interested in using these short-term
PyPy spin-offs to produce ultra-fast specialized modules,
and they supported my in every possible way.


This relatively small addition should be perceived
as an interim replacement for the final JIT-accelerated
PyPy implementation which we all wish to instantiate
at some time.

Until that happens, I think we can give the people
a very nice tool to improve their productivity.


Right now, there is some level of indirection, since
I use PyCObject to implement the wrappers. This will
change pretty soon.

It is not planned to build chamaeleon objects, which are
really both CPython and RPython objects. This would
be a slowdown for typical applications.
The real solution is to have objects with a single level
of indirection. I will post an article about the layout of
this during the weekend.

Conclusion, again:

I am so happy!

With this result, and with PyPy and its wonderful team.

your's sincerely -- chris
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