[pypy-dev] missed the meeting

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Mon May 1 01:54:05 CEST 2006

Armin Rigo wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> On Fri, Apr 28, 2006 at 11:10:48AM -0700, Christian Tismer wrote:
>> for some reason I was sure that we cancelled this week's
>> sync meeting. This was absolutely unintentional,
>> very sorry about that!
> It was not a normal sync meeting.  I called for a stackless meeting on
> Friday, as we decided on Tuesday.  I wouldn't hide the fact that we were
> a bit disappointed not to see you there, and also not to see any docs
> checked in, countrary to what you promized... 

I can imagine.
Although I do admit that I tend to be a sloppy and lazy
guy, this time I was really hit by the ongoings with my son,
which happened right after the Tuesday meeting. It drove me
crazy, I could neither sleep nor work nor even think for the
rest of the week, and it made me a very unhappy man. I think
I grew a lot of gray hair.
My son has left my house, stopped his school six weeks before
the final exams, which he would have made (I asked the teachers),
in order to live near to his girlfriend and work for some
company, without Abitur and a very limited future. This is
such a slap into my face that I have a hard time recovering
from "loosing" my son.

> We talked a bit about
> ways to go forward but without deciding anything yet, given that we are
> not sure what exactly you have in mind about the hardest problems we
> foresee.  Now Michael is on holidays, and people are travelling back
> from the sprint, so we'll try again maybe on Monday...

Monday isn't perfect, since I'm traveling back in the afternoon
and will be very busy, but I will do my best to be on pypy-sync?
at 5pm your time.
The thing we need to discuss is about the "essence of Stackless",
and it is crucial to get this well understood and done right.
I will force myself right now to finish the design document
and give a clear picture about how I think the Stackless part
of PyPy should be finished with the minimum impact on the
current implementation.

all the best - chris
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