[pypy-dev] #pypy-sync TODAY 5pm

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu May 11 08:05:06 CEST 2006

Hi folks, 

let's have a developer pypy-sync meeting today (THURSDAY 11TH
May) as was mentioned here and there already.  

Time: 5pm UTC+2 
Location: #pypy-sync on freenode 

Here are the topics, please mail here before if you 
like to change/amend them: 

- activity reports (lines of LAST, NEXT and BLOCKERS) 

- thread cloning approaches 

  As discussed earlier it is urgent to have a working 
  thread cloning approach.  Armin and Christian will 
  try to present the approache(s) and time frames for
  this feature in some written form. 

- Next PyPy sprint

  Preliminary discussions resulted in the suggestion
  to do the next PyPy sprint from 
        2nd-9th June 2006

  and very likely in Duesseldorf (Germany) because that seems
  to suit most of us best.  Topics will be the 0.9 release, ext-compiler, 
  stackless and more or less all topics that have been floating
  lately.  Carl will be trying to fix a place.  

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