[pypy-dev] pypy-sync tomorrow!

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu May 18 01:11:09 CEST 2006

It's Thursday and that means it's pypy-sync time.  I'd like to invite
all active pypy developers to the #pypy-sync channel on freenode at
5:30 PM GMT+2 tomorrow (well, today really by now, 2006-05-18).

The known-at-this-point topics are:

1) activity reports

   as usual

2) oopsla paper

   We should submit a paper to the Dynamic Languages Symposium 2006
   which is attached to this year's OOPSLA:


   What should be in it, who should write it, etc.  The deadline is
   June 1.  Some background reading would be overview papers on self,
   jikes, ...

3) state of the world

   There has been quite a lot of development over the past few weeks,
   and it's been fairly hard to keep up with it all.  It would be good
   to have a quick chat about where things are, esp the things
   targetted for the 0.9 release.

If you have any other topics, please email them here beforehand.


  People think I'm a nice guy, and the fact is that I'm a scheming,
  conniving bastard who doesn't care for any hurt feelings or lost
  hours of work if it just results in what I consider to be a better
  system.                                            -- Linus Torvalds

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