[pypy-dev] llvm backend issue on AMD64

Alexandre Fayolle alexandre.fayolle at logilab.fr
Thu Nov 30 10:56:38 CET 2006


While running translations with various options on an AMD64, I
encountered issues with the llvm backend: the translation fails when
llvm-as is called. The error message is::

 [translation:ERROR] llvm-as: <stdin>:586398: Redefinition of function 'LL_os_fstat'!

In entry_point.ll, I have a forward declaration of LL_os_fstat::

 declare fastcc %structtype_tuple10* %LL_os_fstat(long)  

and indeed 2 definitions of the function. The first one is at line
449952, and it has a structure very similar to the definition I get when
I translate in 32bit mode (but takes a long instead of an int as
argument). The second one looks like::

 internal fastcc %structtype_tuple10* %LL_os_fstat(long %tmp_13431) {
        %tmp_13433 = cast long %tmp_13431 to int 
        %tmp_13432 = call fastcc %structtype_tuple10* %LL_os_fstat(int %tmp_13433)
        ret %structtype_tuple10* %tmp_13432

If I comment out this second definition, I get a similar error regarding
LL_os_lseek, LL_os_fork, etc. 

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