[pypy-dev] Towards pypy-jvm

Paul deGrandis paul.degrandis at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 18:45:22 CEST 2007

Hey guys, (and everyone else)

I was working on an autonomic computing project using JDK6, and in the
middle decided to switch up to hacking on PyPy and seeing if I could get a
semi-functioning JSR-223 bindings by the end of the week.  I svn uped,
and wanted know if this release has any of the work the at you guys

If not, let me know, and i'll get working so we can get a JVM translated


On 4/1/07, Antonio Cuni <anto.cuni at gmail.com> wrote:
> Niko Matsakis wrote:
> >> The last time I checked what java's Hasttable offers and I saw you
> >> can't pass to it custom hashing and equality functions, but maybe
> >> there is a simple way to do it that I don't know.
> >
> > No, there isn't, but it shouldn't be too hard to cook up some kind of
> > Hashtable substitute that uses small wrapper classes to handle that.  I
> > think that's what you did for C#, right?
> No, for .NET it was simpler because the standard Dictionary type also
> accepts an optional class that implements the custom functions, so all I
> need to do is to create a class for each unique pair of equality and
> hashing functions (see cli/comparer.py).
> ciao Anto
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