[pypy-dev] Towards pypy-jvm

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 14:39:21 CEST 2007

Niko Matsakis wrote:
>> Some weeks ago I also tried to translate pypy-jvm; it seems that the 
>> two most important missing features are r_dict and weakrefs.
> Ok, I implemented r_dicts now and checked it in.  Not too much work, 
> actually, ended up fitting fairly naturally into the existing code.  I 

Hi Niko!
This is very cool!  :-)
Most of r_dict tests are in test_objectmodel, though you may want to 
have also a look at rpython/test/test_rconstantdict.

About the distinction between r_dict and "custom dict": do you find any 
place where they are used interchangeably?
I would say that r_dict referes so the rpython-level type 
(objectmodel.r_dict), while "custom dict" should refer to the low level 
type used by the rtyper (ootype.CustomDict). Also, probably CustomDict 
would be a better name than RDict for your java class, I guess.

 > guess I'll look at weakrefs next, though no promises as to when that
 > will be. :)

Adding weakrefs to gencli was very simple: I just needed to map 
lltypesystem.llmemory.WeakGcAddress to 'System.WeakReference', add the 
straightforward support for constants to cli/constant.py and add the 
also straightforward 'cast_ptr_to_weakadr' and 'cast_weakadr_to_ptr' 
operations in opcodes.py.
I don't know for jvm, but I guess it would not be much more complicate.

ciao Anto

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