[pypy-dev] SoC Acceptance!

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 11:10:08 CEST 2007

Paul deGrandis wrote:
> Hello everyone!

hi Paul!

> I'm on board for Google Summer of Code (and long after).  To refresh 
> everyone's memory I'll be pushing the JVM backend forward and creating 
> JSR-223 bindings to allow you to script PyPy in Java applications.

I'm very happy that your application has been accepted, I'm sure I'll be 
able to do a great job.

> Niko polished off dictionaries, leaving weakrefs to be worked on. 
>  Antonio is my mentor, whom I'm very happy and honored to work under.

I think that before writing code it would be better to have a good 
understanding of pypy's architecture. How much do you know of PyPy?

Next, you should get an account on codespeak to be able to check your 
code in; have you already got such an account?

> I'm really excited to take this portion of PyPy on.  I'll be using my 
> work on the project to advance an autonomic computing project I'm 
> working on and collecting empirical data on PyPy's affect on 
> productivity in a research environment.  Results from all my work will 
> be published in research papers.
> I'll be on IRC and AIM all day tomorrow.

Today I'll be on IRC until about 16:00 UTC+2. My nick is - surprisingly 
enough - antocuni :-).

ciao Anto

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