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Leonardo Santagada santagada at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 14:01:05 CEST 2007

Em 20/04/2007, às 08:10, Jakub Gustak escreveu:
> I have already went through that, and many more documentation. Now I
> am looking for some guidance how to start writing the interpreter
> itself, which will fit into the PyPy, and won't repeat effort you have
> already made.

Basically a pypy interpreter is a python program that can be  
translated using pypy (which means, it uses rpython and only rpython  
routines). You can start defining a vm for the language in python  
trying to remember the limitations of rpython and after a little  
people can help you to get it rpythonic enough to be translated. to  
do the translation you will need something like pypy/translator/goal/ 
targetjsstandalone.py which you can mostly copy (We copied someone  
elses goal). You can also think about the parser for scheme, as I am  
doing right now for javascript, and for that you can use rlib/parsing  
but that is up to you.

> I am studying javascript interpreter and some parts of pyrolog.
> I can see that a lot of work is done by the  
> pypy.rlib.parsing.ebnfparse.
> I will focus on that right now. Any links, documentation or literature
> to help me understand this part?
pypy.rlib.parsing is the parser generator we are using... it is not  
that important for the beginning of your work now.

Good luck, and you can catch me at irc (my nickname is santagada)

> Best regards,
> Jakub Gustak
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