[pypy-dev] Who's developing language interpreters in PyPy

Maurice Ling mauriceling at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 02:24:40 CEST 2007

Thanks Leonardo

>> Personally I have some interests in a few languages that I know,  
>> such as
>> R and pascal.
> Pascal should be easier to do, but you have to tell us exactly what  
> you want. If you are planning to do a pascal compiler it would be the  
> first compiler in pypy. If you are thinking on a pascal interpreter  
> this could be quite easy to do but then you need to have some problem  
> with current pascal compilers that you want to fix. I think this  
> could be used on teaching compilers, as understanding a pascal  
> compiler written in python would be much more comprehensible than a C  
> or pascal one.
I don't actually use Pascal these days but it's just the first 
programming language I learnt. So it's more like a childhood dish kinda 
thing, just refuse to let it go completely although I do agree with you 
that a Pascal compiler written in Python will be more comprehensible 
than one written in C or Pascal. And it may just seems oxymoronic to 
think about implementing a C compiler in PyPy.

My current langauge kit is Python/C/Java/R/SQL/UML. So I presume there's 
a bit more interest in R than in pascal and implementing a R interpreter 
in python will reduce the need for RPy in many cases (I think). 
Otherwise, I may go on a total tangent and try working on 
modeling/simulation languages like Modelica/SBML  combination or even a 
UML simulator in RPython, which may be more useful to my future employment.

So yes, I'm kinda polling interests here... Any suggestions?


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