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I think this is a good strategy for me.  It'll allow me to put something
material to the information I gained from your thesis and gain knowledge
that will help me in the long run with PyPy.

The tasks for me will be:
1.) Port tests, fix uncovered bugs
2.) Java bindings
3.) I/O layer as discussed on this list
4.) pypy-jvm translation
5.) JSR 223 (The Scripting API)

For more information on JSR 223, here's a little tutorial/article:

And here are the languages with bindings for it now:


On 4/30/07, Antonio Cuni <anto.cuni at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maciek Fijalkowski wrote:
> > Part of it is a SoC anyway, so I don't think we care in what order SoC
> > is done. (and personally I think it makes sense to provide Java bindings
> > first and than to care about the translation).
> Well, strictly speaking java bindings for rpython are not part of Paul's
> SoC proposal but indeed they are probably the most effective way to
> implement other features that he promised.
> Btw, I'm not sure it's a good idea to develop them as the first task in
> PyPy, because it's not straightforward if you have no experience with
> the rtyper.
> My suggestion is to start by porting tests to genjvm and fixing the
> discovered bugs, because it should be a more newcomer-friendly task;
> then java-bindings for rpython and I/O layer; finally finally
> translation of pypy-jvm.
> Paul, what do you think of this plan?
> ciao Anto
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