[pypy-dev] How's the JIT coming along?

Beatrice Düring bea at changemaker.nu
Tue Aug 21 15:54:28 CEST 2007

Hi there

Gary Robinson skrev:
> The docs for PyPy 1.0 it say:
>> A foreword of warning about the JIT of PyPy as of March 2007: single 
>> functions doing integer arithmetic get great speed-ups; about 
>> anything else will be a bit slower with the JIT than without. We are 
>> working on this - you can even expect quick progress, because it is 
>> mostly a matter of adding a few careful hints in the source code of 
>> the Python interpreter of PyPy.
> Given the mention of the possibility of "quick progress", I'm wondering where the JIT is 5 months later... does anyone care to give a status report and/or any estimates of when it will be more broadly useful?
> Thanks,
> Gary
Sorry for not having responded on this issue even prior to your email.

We have had discussions some of us to go for a sprint in end week of 
probably in Germany, where we would focus on clean-up work/refactoring and
also to discuss plans for a 1.1 release (scope, content, time). The 
sprint plan need to
be discussed in the upcoming week with a sprint announcement going out.

_My guess_ is that the JIT of course would also be involved in the scope 
of that sprint
(clean up/refactoring) and that the 1.1 release would also contain 
results from such a clean up.

Some of the reasons for the "silence" in the JIT area is partly because 
of people having vacation
and post-eu sabbaticals, we have been going to conferences such as 
(Europython, Dyla) to do
talks about the JIT to get input as well as focusing on getting external 
functions, RPython and
PyPy to work more smoothly (which was feedback from users and would be 
at Europython in Vilnius). But yes - we might have been better at 
expressing this.

If i might ask - what are the use cases you are thinking about when 
talking about the JIT
(and/or the JIT generator?).


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