[pypy-dev] svn blame all

Maciek Fijalkowski fijal at genesilico.pl
Mon Dec 3 20:00:48 CET 2007

Christian Tismer wrote:
> Maciek Fijalkowski wrote:
>> Maciek Fijalkowski wrote:
>>> Out of getting completely bored, I run svn blame on all .py files 
>>> which are svn blameable, excluding unicodedata and pyrepl (which is 
>>> external) in pypy directory. Results are here: 
>>> http://codespeak.net/~fijal/svnblameall.txt
>> A little explanation - first column is percentage of overall code, 
>> second is number of lines (including blanks) third is a developer 
>> nickname. Enjoy :-)
> Well, these are numbers which show some tendency, but I'm
> not sure why we want this? Who has the most lines or
> check-ins? I don't think this is a good measure, people
> have very different check-in behavior, some people are usually
> doing huge systematic changes, etc.
> So I'm really not sure what we want to do with these numbers.
> If not being a contest, what else would it be?
> btw. there are sites out there which do a similar but more
> intensive measure and rank you, based upon svn checkins.
> Taking that as a basis, then I almost did not contribute
> to Stackless (developed using CVS most of the time).
> Statistics are rubbish - ly chris

It makes no sense. It's just that those statitics are different than of 
those sites and that which were generated by carl. This does not 
invalidate the fact that all of them are completely bogus. But I like 
statistics for pure fun of having them :-)



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