[pypy-dev] Sandboxing in Pypy and Crunchy

Leonardo Santagada santagada at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 03:17:34 CET 2007

Em 09/12/2007, às 20:04, Laura Creighton escreveu:
> Can you post the details of the architecture of crunchy?  Where does
> the student's code run?  On the student's machine? or on the teacher's
> server machine?

The idea is that you now run it on your on computer, as python is not  
sandboxed. But with pypy you could run it on an open server without  
problems. Well there is one problem, someone has to try it on pypy,  
and then if it work you have to setup a server to run it, to be like  
the ruby tutorial online (forgot the link).

Leonardo Santagada

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