[pypy-dev] pypy 1.0 release meeting invitation

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Thu Feb 1 12:00:32 CET 2007

Hi all!

Michael Hudson wrote:
 > Task Planning
 > =============
 > This topic is to collect tasks to be done for the release and divide them
 > among people. Some tasks that we could think of:
 > * work out a timeframe for jit usefulness
 > * fix llvm(?)
 > * test pypy-cs, run benchmarks.
 >   * windows testing!
 > * documentation!!!
 >   * pypy.net
 >   * object optimizations (WP6)
 >   * release announcement
 >   * improve getting-started
 >   * transparent proxies
 >   * security prototype
 > * make build-tool useable
 > * polish js backend?

Another task that I came up with: we should try to document our config
options. Maybe not the more obscure ones, though :-). Imo this is quite
important, since the list of options is very big and makes it hard to
find what you are looking for.

There should also be more "high-level" options like --allworkingmodules
and --faassen (which should be renamed for the release, I guess :-) ).
And maybe a small "guide through the option jungle" or something like


Carl Friedrich

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