[pypy-dev] changes from py-trunk / dist merge (38224)

holger krekel holger at merlinux.de
Fri Feb 9 01:14:37 CET 2007

Hi all, 

so i just merged the py-trunk branch to py-dist
(which is the one used as an external by pypy-dist currently)
and also did a few changes to pypy-dist itself to accomodate
for the new situation. 

The update includes a number of internal cleanups
and refactorings, most of which should not be visible from 
the user side (well, we also cleaned up all py.* namespaces 
to only provide what is supposed to be maintained in the
future, that might catch you).  And lots of documentation 
updates, including docstrings. 

For distributed testing the options you can put into
conftest.py files have now more systematic names and meanings: 

* `dist_hosts`: a required list of host specifications
* `dist_rsync_roots` - a list of relative locations to copy to the remote machines.
* `dist_rsync_ignore` - a list of relative locations to ignore for rsyncing 
* `dist_remotepython` - the remote python executable to run.
* `dist_nicelevel` - process priority of remote nodes. 
* `dist_boxed` - will run each single test in a separate process 
  (allowing to survive segfaults for example) 
* `dist_taskspernode` - Maximum number of tasks being queued to remote nodes 

NOTE that 


defines dist_rsync_roots (and dist_rsync_ignore) itself so 
you don't need to do that yourself anymore.  Ah, 
and in case we didn't mention it yet, you invoke 
distributed testing with one of: 

    py.test -d    
    py.test --dist 

Noticeable is also that Stdout/Stderr capturing
is now done FD-based instead of only patching sys.stdout/stderr. 

In other non-pypy related news, the tkinter and py.path.extpy
classes got removed, and some other not-really-used stuff
(or so i presume :). 

Please let us know if you experience any regressions/problems
as the current py-dist is soon to become the 0.9 release
(there still is a bit of documentation and packaging 
work to be done, and fixing bugs).  


holger with lots of help/work from fijal, guido and cf

P.S.: Armin, we didn't fix htmlconftest yet. 

merlinux GmbH       Steinbergstr. 42    31139 Hildesheim   
http://merlinux.de  tel +49 5121 20800 75 (fax 77) 

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