[pypy-dev] codespeak.net downtime due to hosts switch

Martin Pajak joe at merlinux.de
Fri Feb 9 19:03:23 CET 2007

Hello all,

in recent weeks, codespeak.net has been causing some problems,
mostly internal ones but ones to be taken seriously
(kernel oops - mostly resulting in the need to restart).
So we plan to switch to another host system, and then
investigate further on the to-be-old system.  As
there are releases pending, i'd like to get the
migration done before that and plan to do it:

     Feb 10th, saturday, around 10 AM GMT+2

if nobody objects.  In case of problems i will
switch back to the old system by means of a DNS
switch (and i'll take special care that no mails
or commits go astray)

greetings, Martin

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