[pypy-dev] translating classes to javascript

John Smith johnsmithjohnxxx at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 17 23:33:25 CET 2007

> I'm fairly new to pypy and was only doing some experimenting with the 
> javascript translator so far. First of all let me say that the whole 
> project is pretty amazing!
> After translating a couple of functions I tried translating a class, 
> but was unsuccessful so far but since the docs mention supporting 
> inheritance I guess this should be possible. Is it?
> For instance if I have in RPython the following:
> class test:
>         def __init__( self, value ):
>                self.value = value
>         def meth1( self ):
>                return self.value
>         def meth2( self ):
>                do_something_which_is_translatable( )
> then how do I get the corresponding javascript code? Since the docs 
> say jscompile should be invoked by 'jscompile module function_names' 
> I'm kind of lost. The same holds for rpython2javascript it expects a 
> list of functions.
> Any insight or comment would be very helpful.

Because usual way of invoking javascript on your browser is to call a 
function, you need a function where you'll begin. Like:

# class test as above

def f():
    test_instance = test(3)

and translate function f. Your class will magically appear in translated 

Thanks very much for the reply, I can certainly do things this way however being able to call methods directly sounds like a reasonable thing to me (both in python and in JS). Are there plans for adding this kind of functionality or there are reasons why you think this is not necessary?


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