[pypy-dev] Running untrusted code in pypy

Vinj Vinj vinjvinj at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 17:05:08 CET 2007


I've been following pypy dev for several years and
this is my first post here. Thanks for all the hard
work you guys have put in, it is truly exciting to see
what pypy has accomplished so far. 

I'm currently building a distributing financial
trading application that allows users to write trading
models in python and lua. I had to introduce lua,
since there is no way to completely "secure" user
models written in cPython. 

I'm working with a modified Lua core which allows me
to restrict the max memory and max CPU cycles
available for each vm. I then have a python-lua bridge
code that allows you exchange data and function calls
between the two. 

Would I be able to do something similar with pypy?
Would I be able to ensure that no malicious user is
able to bring my hosted application down?

Are any of you guys going to be at pycon-2007?



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