[pypy-dev] py lib 0.9.0: py.test, distributed execution, microthreads ...

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Feb 22 11:41:16 CET 2007

holger krekel wrote:
> py lib 0.9.0: py.test, distributed execution, greenlets and more
> ======================================================================
> Welcome to the 0.9.0 py lib release - a library aiming to 
> support agile and test-driven python development on various levels. 
> Main API/Tool Features: 
> * py.test: cross-project testing tool with many advanced features
> * py.execnet: ad-hoc code distribution to SSH, Socket and local sub processes
> * py.magic.greenlet: micro-threads on standard CPython ("stackless-light")
> * py.path: path abstractions over local and subversion files 
> * rich documentation of py's exported API 
> * tested against Linux, OSX and partly against Win32, python 2.3-2.5
> All these features and their API have extensive documentation,
> generated with the new "apigen", which we intend to make accessible
> for other python projects as well.  
> Download/Install:   http://codespeak.net/py/0.9.0/download.html

Cool, a pylib release!

Is a cheeseshop entry planned? I checked the download page but there's 
no mention of it. Perhaps there's a cheeseshop entry that I didn't see? 
People might want to do 'easy_install pylib'. Having a cheeseshop entry 
also makes it more easy to use pylib in any buildouts.



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