[pypy-dev] More sprint reporting

Jacob Hallén jacob at openend.se
Tue Jul 17 19:33:32 CEST 2007

Here is what I know happened in other groups:

Armin and Laura worked on rffi. After 2 days of trying different approaches 
and getting stumped each time, they made a breakthrough on Saturday, and 
managed to produce a fairly complete slution in a matter of a few hours. 
Making the solution more complete would require a rewrite of ctypes (Ick!).

Maciek worked on getting PyPy to be self hosting under pypy-c. This succeeded 
before he left the sprint.

Jakub worked on more scheme features. With the help of Antonio, he managed to 
get quite a bit done. Exactly what he did, I don't know.

Christian worked on fixing pickling of tasklets. He got as far as 
understanding what the real problem was before I left.

Michael and Samuele worked on malloc cleanup. I think they were fairly 
satisfied with the result.

Samuele found and fixed a very nasty bug somewhere in the translator 
toolchain. Exception transformation was dependent on the order the graphs 
were evaluated. The result was that exceptions could be lost without a trace.

There were 3 people who's names I have forgotten who worked on better 
documentation on how to leverage the javascript backend. There were some 
results checked in, but I don't know how complete it is.

I think Holger did some work on improving py.test. That was at least his plan, 
but I never got a chance to ask what he actually did.

I think that is about it.


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