[pypy-dev] Sprint report

Jacob Hallén jacob at openend.se
Tue Jul 17 19:38:39 CEST 2007

I think this got stuck in moderation, as I sent it with a from address that 
didn't match my mailinglist subscription.

Justas, Arlo Belshee and I worked on Python 2.5 compliance. We started with 
the "with" statement and fairly quickly found that it seemed to work as 
intended, except for the fact that the necessary "from __future__ import 
with_statement" had no effect. To make this work properly, we decided to make 
a clean implementation - CPython does nasty things in order to avoid 
modifying the AST on the fly. This required modifying the grammar, which in 
turn led to the discovery that building a parser from the grammar lacked unit 
tests. We then created the neccessary test setup and made tests for the 
modifications we were making for the grammar.

Then we went on to being able to insert a rule for the "with" statement into 
the builder on the fly. This required more instrumentation for unit testing 
and some modifications to the builder.

Finally, added a config option to allow selecting different versions from the 
command line. This was essentially finished, though there may still be places 
which have the Pthon version hard coded.


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