[pypy-dev] PyPy sync next week?

Dethe Elza delza at livingcode.org
Wed Jun 6 19:55:34 CEST 2007

On 6-Jun-07, at 9:58 AM, Maciek Fijalkowski wrote:
> I know you're quite tired right now and all, but I think it would be
> good to make some kind of pypy-sync next week or even the week  
> after (we
> need to decide on sprint topics anyway).

I'm quite new to this list.  Could you explain what a sync is?  Would  
it be face-to-face, via this list, or IRC?

> Particularly I would like to know people's opinion on pypy's scope.  
> What
> we would like to support, what we would like to drop support for, what
> are the short-term project directions etc.

I'm quite interested in the scope question.  I would love to see  
Python adopt Erlang-like concurrency primitives, but that doesn't  
appear to be a direction Guido and the C-Python team are willing to  
take, making PyPy my best hope for this.



Simple things should be declarative.  Complex things should be  
procedural.  --Adam Bosworth

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