[pypy-dev] Work plan for PyPy

Janzert janzert at janzert.com
Fri Jun 15 02:28:02 CEST 2007

Antonio Cuni wrote:
> I tried hardly to explain that rpython is basically 
> only an accident and not very usable, but people are still impressed by 
> the 300000% speedup.
> It would be interesting to know if this perception is world-wide or only 
> limited to the attendants of my talk (maybe because I didn't stress 
> enough the pros of the other pypy goals or the cons of rpython).
> ciao Anto

I certainly don't know if it's universal. I do know that the extcompiler 
with a time sensitive module I ported to rpython is the only real 
practical use for pypy that I have had. I don't have the interest or 
time to offer to maintain the extcompiler (only used it for a personal 
hobby project which is on the back burner for the moment anyway) and 
after getting longs to work in the cpy object space I do appreciate the 
pain it may be to maintain.


P.S. There is a certain irony that ShedSkin is growing a rudimentary 
extension compiler at the moment. :}

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