[pypy-dev] [LLVMdev] Vilnius/Post EuroPython PyPy Sprint 12-14th of July

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Sat Jun 23 10:25:38 CEST 2007

Hi Anton,

(CC'ing to pypy-dev)

On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 09:59:12PM +0400, Anton Korobeynikov wrote:
> >     - support for LLVM 2.0 for the llvm backend
> Is there any detailed information, how the sprint will touch this topic?

I don't have many details, but there are three subtasks regarding LLVM:
on the one hand, we did a small addition to the translation toolchain
that is not yet supported by our backend generating LLVM code, so the
first subtask is this "maintenance" task, which should be not too much
efforts if done while pairing with someone that knows already a bit
about the backend.  Then, there is the idea of changing the LLVM
assembler produced - at the moment, it's for LLVM 1.9, but we want to
move to 2.0.  I can't tell how much effort this is, as I'm not enough
into LLVM or the LLVM backend.  The third, longer-term task that we may
not start during the sprint would be to refactor and clean up the LLVM
backend and the C backend, so that they can share code a bit more
naturally (at the moment the LLVM backend fishes for internal routines
of the C backend).

A bientot,


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