[pypy-dev] Some bugfixes to the multilistimplementation

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Mon Jun 25 15:57:10 CEST 2007

Hi Elmo!

2007/6/25, Elmo Mäntynen <elmo13 at jippii.fi>:
> I've made the different [slow] list implementations even slower !


> While integrating the blist implementation, I found out that the chosen
> implementation isn't even used when instantiating with "list()", and
> neither in some other usecases. By correcting that, a bug in the chunked
> implementation got uncovered, which I also fixed. I also added
> "make_implementation_with_one_item()" to have the instantiation of the
> implementations in one place so that it's easier to add new ones.

The diff looks good to me. Note that there are still bugs in the
multilist stuff, it wasn't heavily tested yet.

> If they seem good, could someone commit these changes (is that diff
> format good?). Would you trust me with commit rights, or should I still
> send patches?

I think you should get commit rights. Send a mail to michael (
micahel at gmail.com ) with your username and ssh key. Standard
disclaimer: You have to agree to put your changes under the MIT
license, you have to promise to write tests and you should follow the
coding guide. Then you can just commit your work.

> The test demonstrates the bugs, but I thougth of later adding a
> BaseAppTest_ListMultiObject class with magic to test if the
> implementations that  the subclasses test are really used. Does that
> sound good?

yes, very good. I vaguely had something like this in mind, but never
got around to it.

Thanks for doing this!

Carl Friedrich

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