[pypy-dev] scheme interpreter [status report]

Jakub Gustak jgustak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 01:40:52 CEST 2007


Scheme interpreter is starting look like its going to do some serious
stuff in the near future, or maybe I am just too enthusiastic about

What we have now:
- We can execute simple expressions like: (+ 1 2 1.3 -2)
  Nested ones also works.
- (define <var> <value>) works with a given context, so:
  (define var 2)
  (+ var 40) => 42
- Conditional (if <cond> <then> <else>) seem to work fine, <else> is
not arbitrary.

Gives you the best overview.

What will be done in the nearest future:
- comparison primitives: = < > eq? eqv?
- (cons <car> <cdr>) (car <pair>) (cdr <pair>) so we can play with lists.
That kind of stuff.

You can take a look at:

Will postpone quotations and symbols implementation for a while. I
have to think about it, how much of it is parsing matter.

Then i would like to work on (lambda ...). This will probably take
some time to think again execution context, make a hard distinction
between procedures and macros and a lot of stuff, that I don't even
dare to think about now :-).

Before EP I would like to make lambdas work and also have some tuning
done (whatever it means), so on the sprint we could focus on really
interesting stuff instead of refactoring and bug fixes.

I would like to refine what I would like to do during the sprint, but
not sure right now. Any ideas, what would be worth trying then?

Jakub Gustak

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